Safety & Security Measures

The Silk Line bus service is dedicated to providing a safe and secure travel experience for its passengers. To ensure the safety of its riders, the bus company has implemented several measures including:

  • Screening of Drivers: All drivers are thoroughly screened and trained to ensure that they are responsible and have a clean driving record.
  • Regular Maintenance: The buses are regularly maintained to ensure that they are in top condition and equipped with the latest safety features.
  • GPS Tracking: All buses are equipped with GPS tracking systems to monitor their movements and ensure that they stay on schedule.
  • Emergency Response System: The bus company has an emergency response system in place to quickly respond to any incidents that may occur during the journey.
  • Passenger Safety Awareness: The bus company regularly educates its passengers on the importance of following safety guidelines and the emergency procedures to be followed in case of an emergency.
    By implementing these safety measures, the Silk Line bus service is providing its passengers with peace of mind during their travels. The company is committed to ensuring that its passengers arrive at their destination safely and securely.
  • Skilled guards at terminals: The company has deployed a team of skilled guards at all terminals to monitor the passengers and prevent any security breaches.
  • Movie capturing: The bus company captures the image of each passenger before departure to ensure that they are properly accounted for throughout the journey.
  • Carry-on baggage check: Before boarding, the carry-on baggage of each passenger is checked to ensure that they are not carrying any dangerous or prohibited items.
  • Lost & Found checkups: The Silk Line bus service has a Lost & Found checkups to ensure that any lost luggage is returned to its rightful owner.